AIR Program: Noa Zuidervaart

An Exercise in Relational Thinking

Residency period: April 17-23, 2023
Noa Zuidervaart spent a whole week with us in our apartment from 17 to 23 April. The exhibition/presentation of the artist in platform LivingRoom is on Saturday 22 April, from 15h-17h.

During the week-long residency program at LivingRoom Noa Zuidervaart explored the use of narrative devices and the sharing of communal stories to construct a visual myth. Artists from different fields were welcomed daily to respond to the previous-made objects, to create new work and expand the story together with Noa. This was how a collaborative narrative will develop and a network of referenced objects, drawings, writings, sounds and ideas will emerge.

The AIR program “INTUITION” of Platfrom LivingRoom in the year of 2022-2023, is supported by @gemeenterotterdam

Photography credits: Hosein, Danesh, Ying Liu
Poster design: Noa Zuidervaart