AIR Program: Murat Yildiz

Not Knowing

Residency period: May 28- June 5, 2023
“In the cycle of life, by apprehending each moment with a new perspective, we are being transformed. Each experience and interaction shapes who we are. Based on self-healing, trust and love I try to establish collaborations with humans and non-humans who permeate my life and work. I make paintings by rubbing the flowers and leaves on canvas, publishing wishes, filling the gaps.”

Murat Yıldız (1984) studied Combined Arts at Yıldız Technical University and completed his master’s degree in Fine Arts at St. Joost School of Art & Design in the Netherlands. He is the co-founder of and part of HAH Kolektif @hahkolektif . He participated in artist research programs in Finland and Holland and exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Finland and Turkey. Yıldız lives and works in Istanbul.

Murat’s residency recap Murata Yildiz

- 28th May Sun: not knowing with Hosein Danesh
- 29th May Mon: not knowing with Ying Liu
- 30th May Tue: not knowing with Erik Hagoort, Tianyi Zheng and Jard can Everdink
- 31st May Wed: not knowing with Alireza Abbasy, Erik Hagoort and Ying Liu
- 1st May Thur: not knowing with Berendine Venemanz, Hosein Danesh and Raffaella Huizinga

The AIR program “INTUITION” of Platfrom LivingRoom in the year of 2022-2023, is supported by @gemeenterotterdam

Photography credits: Hosein, Danesh