Duo YaGe (São Paulo, Brazil)

Rituals on Paper

YASMIM FLORES (visual artist) and ANGELO URSINI (multi-instrumentalist and composer) present multidisciplinary performances, sound installations and interactive platforms.
Departing from a minimal structure or score, the pieces develop through the interactions between music, dance and visual arts.

July 21, 2021
How to instinctively transform the materials that compose our creative practices into symbolic elements? How does sound play an active role in interfering with the drawing gestures that generate within a space? Can a drawing also guide the music and as body score provoke improvisational collective dance? Carrying these questions in mind, LivingRoom Platform invites Yasmim Flores and Angelo Ursini to guide us to experiment new possibilities of the relation between our bodies, the materiality and the physical structure of our daily living environments.

The duo proposes an immersive experience where the viewer is invited to move through the work and get carried away by the traits, sounds, lines of the drawings, watercolors paintings and paper materiality.

Duo YaGe will do a live performance activating the installation; Angelo will live-compose music with a loop station, a clarinet and a flute, while Yasmim reshapes the space with new lines and elements to guide the audience to move out for the process of transformation of the space.

Photography credits:
Hosein Danesh