Sarmad Sanctuaries, Session 2

Collaborated event with Sarmad Platform

*Sarmad Sanctuaries session 2 is organized at LivingRoom in collaboration with Sarmad Platform* :We’re not home, we are very far from it.

We’re really not Ok. We’re full of rage and sorrow, but also hope and compassion.“Sarmad Sanctuaries” is a new series of public sessions in which we aim to create a sanctuary for those of us who feel oppressed, who feel they do not belong, who feel homeless.In this second session, to be held in the living room space of Platform LivingRoom in Delftshaven, we will gather and sit in silence together for the ones who were recently imprisoned or lost their lives for resisting oppression, violence and human disasters caused by tyrannical regimes, whether in Iran, Ukraine, China or Palestine.This is not a protest, nor a solidarity or fund-raising event.

There is no mic.
Nobody is going to give a speech. There is no spectacle.
The main thing we have here is silence, compassion and a need to feel the hope and to heal.

*The structure of the session:
30 minutes, sitting meditation (or simply sitting and doing nothing)
40 minutes, reading, tea, soup
20-30 minutes, sitting meditation
You are welcome to stay for more tea afterwards.*Location:
Platform LivingRoom
Bospolderlein, 6B

"Sanctuary is the place we can go when our lives are under threat, where we can consider love in the midst of oppression. It’s a place for those who speak a language not of the dominant culture, a place where anyone can say, “I'm home”.”
--Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, from the book Sanctuary: A Meditation on Home, Homelessness and Belonging.These sanctuary sessions are inspired by the book:
“The Way of Tenderness: Awakening through Race, Sexuality and Gender” by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, African American poet, ordained Zen priest, author, and medicine woman of the drum.