Alexandra Verschuurenn (NL) &
Interrelation project by Guillem Góngora Moral (ES) & Janosch Horn (DE)

Sceen the Seen

ALEXANDRA VERSCHUUREN is a performance artist and movement teacher based in Rotterdam. Her artistic work is focused around questioning the fine line between public and private spaces by exploring confrontation and vulnerability within human interactions.

JANOSCH HORN, born and raised in Germany is a dance maker, performer and teacher based in Rotterdam (NL). In his choreographic work Janosch always insists on clarity and a certain coherency of concepts. He strives for honesty and realness in performance and life. His work is a combination of dance theatre and conceptual performance.

GUILLEM GONGORA MORAL is a composer and musician based in Rotterdam. His artistic work ranges from pieces for instruments with and without electronics, sound installations and music for the moving body.Besides his artistic work, Guillem has given masterclasses and workshops in Barcelona, Tenerife and Rotterdam, about composition, music and technology and music for dance.

June 25, 2022

On June 25th, the Platform LivingRoom hosted 2 contemporary dance performances by 3 Rotterdam based artists, Alexandra Verschuuren and the Interrelation project by Guillem Góngora Moral & Janosch Horn.

Their research revolves around the complexity and subtlety of the relation between human to human & human to physical conditions in everyday life and in theatre. It questions our perception of body movements that can be shaped and situated by observing and being observed. We create the scene in the living room space to let the unseen to be seen through these two performances.

<Hide to be seen>
What happens when you notice you are being watched? Alexandra’s research stems from the disconnection she experienced as a performer in her dance education, on stage and in everyday life. The constant underlying pressure of being watched by peers, teachers, and audiences, and to expect her to perform without failure is where disconnection has emerged.
Her project (Hide to be seen) explores the vulnerabilities of watching and being watched by someone. A play is created between the observer and the observed where the clarity of the role blurred, diving into unfamiliar territory. Join Alexandra in a guided performance experiment, share and reflect on performance, research and experiences. 

<I are>
I are is a performance based on the assumption that we cannot separate the components of this world. This means that any person, object, movement, picture, etc. stands always in relation to its surroundings and it will be only understood in relation to its surrounding context.Dance artist Janosch Horn and music composer Guillem Gongora explore this idea by researching the way that small changes in context can fully affect an observer’s perception. They emphasise the influence that sound and movement have on each other. In ‘I are’ the body, sound, spatial relationships and light are used as tools to change the audience’s perspective on what they see.
‘I are’ project arose from a collaborative quest to understand the way perspective and context create reality.

Photography credits:
Ying Liu