Jard Van Everdink

What is the meaning of a pill bug?

Jard van Everdink (Leeuwarden, 1994) is a visual artist, currently studying at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in Den Bosch.
In her work she often wonders about the reliability of reality. With video and installation she explores the fiction in the real and the truth in fiction.

December 7, 2019
"I dreamt about pill bugs and now I can't get them out of my head. For my birthday, I got a dream-encyclopedia from my friends, who know me as the person who always brings up in conversation what she dreamt the other day.
The encyclopedia has turned out to be quite useful and entertaining when waking up in the morning with the images of my dreams, a wonderful way of reflecting on my nights.
Recently I had a dream about pill bugs, a dream that wasn't particularly spectacular, but left a very clear image in my head regardless.When I turned to the P in the dream-encyclopedia, I was disappointed to see that the book skipped from pill to pistol.
That just seemed unreasonable to me and so began my quest to provide some meaning to the pill bug."

Photography credits:
Hosein Danesh, Anđela Vidić