Reading Rhythms Club

Learning with the Living
- Bedtime Story

Feb 4, 2023

Join us on Saturday the 4th of February from 19.30 to 22.00 for a listening and writing session hosted by the Reading Rhythms Club @readingrhythmsclub .

The Reading Rhythms Club is a nomadic reading group that experiments with different forms of reading together and hosts every session in a different location that sets the scene. Through the current series Learning With the Living, their events explore otherwise ways of relating to the living world surrounding us and understanding the ideological premises that facilitate ecological devastation.

During this session we will be listening to a piece of audio fiction called Bedtime Story by Welcome to Nightvale, which imaginatively explores non-human knowledges. Inspired by the story, we will be creating our own short pieces of fiction, poetry, or drawing that will result in a collaborative zine. There will be time for sharing our creations and other pieces of short fiction in line with the topic. Rsvp if you want to join!